LUGLIO, col bene che ti voglio


LUGLIO, col bene che ti voglio is a vivid expression of the emotions and challenges I experienced in the warm month of July 2023. This artwork takesshape through my visual language that I use to narrate stories and reflections.
The three key elements of this work are the revolutions of the triangle, square, and circle. This vertical arrangement represents thoughts and reflections.

The triangle represent choices for the future generating fear in the present. It symbolizes the decisions faced and the uncertainties that accompanied them.
The square stand for my points of strength, the module creating the architecture of my future.
Lastly, the circle represents the forces that have supported and propelled me towards the new. It symbolizes the continuity and cyclical nature of life, offering a sense of balance and progress.
LUGLIO, col bene che ti voglio is a reflection of my emotions and thoughts. Each element and their vertical arrangement describe an emotional journey, a visual narrative of a part of my lived experience.

Technical information
Artist: CIRCE
Title: LUGLIO, col bene che ti voglio *1
Size: 150 x 37 x 37 cm
Description: Modular artwork composed by 8 elements
Materials: earthenware, engobes, glazes, stainless steel, 3,6 kg iron weight.
Technique: shaping and trim with pottery wheel
Firing: 1000°C
Year: 2023

Photo credit: Michela Ronco