My Mud House

My Mud House travels between memory and the present.
I grew up through stories and objects of an unprocessed memory of the
flood in San Mauro Torinese on October 13, 2000.
I was living in Faenza during the flood on May 17, 2023, and experienced
fear, noises, stench, towers of objects on the streets, exploded walls,
empty houses, but also the sharing with my neighbors.

This led me to reflect on the importance of memory and the way of
inhabiting a territory. My Mud House aims to be a processing of my
experiences and the questions that arose from them.

Are we truly aware of the value of the territory in our existence, or do we
often take it for granted and stable?
Are we conscious of our dwelling and how it is grounded in a geographical
and social dimension?
How long do the scars of an event like a flood remain on the land, in the
walls of houses, and on the faces of the people who inhabit it?

My Mud House is an ode to resilience, to the ability to rise and grow
even in the most adverse situations. This work represents the strength
of the community and the importance of keeping the memory alive so
that our dwelling becomes a tangible testimony of change.

Technical information
Artist: CIRCE
Title: My Mud House
Sizes: 160 x 35 x 35 cm
Description: Modular artwork composed by 9 elements
Materials: Flood mud of 17 May 2023 in Faenza (RA) taken
from my cellar. To the three central elements was added 10% chamotte produced
by the same mud. Stainless steel, 3,6 kg iron weight.
Technique: shaping and trim with pottery wheel, no external coating.
Firing temperature: 1000°C.
Year: 2023

Photo credit: Michela Ronco

Faenza, 17 maggio 2023